Now 2 incubators for renting out check out bottom of ad to see dates taken.
Back for my 3rd year renting out my egg incubator that holds 42 chicken eggs. The incubator comes with 42 Americana cross eggs , incubator , egg turner, egg candling light so you can see in the egg, along with an egg development book. First mth available is Feb.
Simple to use fill up the water and keep topped up. The egg turner dose all the hard work. Chicken eggs take 21 days to hatch , hatching takes 2 days to complete so 2 days of fun for the family.
Rental starts at the begining of the mth and finishes at the end of the mth. All parts must be returned at the same time as the incubator or a replacement fee will be added to each part missing.
$25 deposit to hold your place for the mth you want, with the rest to be paid when picking up the incubator.
If you have your own eggs and want to rent my incubator the price is the $50.00
If you would like a more exotic breed of chicken eggs the cost is $50 for the rental plus $20 per doz exotic eggs you choose.
I have Silver lakenvelders
Golden Lakenvelders
Silver spangled spitzhauben
Columbian rocks
speckled sussex
All at $20 a doz or mix up a doz exotic eggs.
Incubator is rented for May so far so please do not wait to book. If you do not wish to keep the chicks at the end of the rental you may return them with or later than the incubator rental.
Give me a call or e mail for questions and booking.
Michelle 780 922
I should be starting up my large incubator and having chicks ready some time in the near future. Lots of great looking birds. Hatching out 96 eggs a week
Incubator 1 Incubator 2
Feb booked Feb waiting for delivery
March booked March booked
April booked April Pending
May booked May available
June available June available
July available July available
Aug Available Aug available