Cymon Cez, is 5 years old, green broke to ride, and ready to go to a family who will love him as much as he loves people. Cymon is 16+ hands, and has just been started this fall, with 60+days. He enjoys spending time with people, and will always meet you with a calm, quite nuzzle. He is well behaved for handling, trailering, clipping, bathing, blanketing, and the farrier. He has no vices or bad habbits. Cymon demonstrates a real positive attitude and a willingness to try. He enjoys playing with toys, and has participated in a bomb proof clinic when he was 3, where he excelled in all demonstrations. He was not under saddle at the clinic, but he did not show any concern with introductions to any new items, such as tarps, gates, loud toys, balls, etc. Cymon has lived in a very positive environment all his life, and always fit into the herd wherever he was put. We must unfortunately pass Cymon onto to another family as soon as possible, he will be a best friend to whoever brings him home. Please contact us for more information, and to come visit Cymon.